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Freelance Business Kits

The following is a complete collection of the business kits I have available for both freelance web developers and SEO consultants.

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The Freelance Web Design Kit includes everything you need in terms of setting up and starting your very own web development business. This kit contains a 201 page fast start business guide, and 69 ready made contract templates, documents, worksheets, letters and agreement forms. Suitable for freelance web designers.

Instant Download - $79

The Freelance SEO Kit is an essential collection of 80 ready made contracts, documents, agreements, letters, spreadsheets, templates and more that are all provided for immediate use. Simply fill in the blanks with your campaign and client's information. Suitable for freelance SEO consultants.
Instant Download - $97

If you're serious about doing business on the web - then the Freelance Web Design Masters Kit is for you. This kit combines all of my kits into one. It includes the Web Design Business Guide, 120 web development contract templates (forms, letters, agreements, contracts etc), Freelancing Secrets, the Workflow Chart, the Pricing Guide and How to Find Clients.
Instant Download - $147

The Freelance Web Design Starter Kit is a collection of 8 of the most essential contracts. This kit includes the very basics, to get you started, in order to be able to meet with clients, and secure projects. Suitable for freelance web designers.
Instant Download - $37

Freelancing Secrets is a short, 49 page guide, packed with highly useful information that will have an immediate impact on your business. I share methods that took my business from $1,500 a month to $10,000 a month and upwards.
Instant Download - $27

This A3 sized pricing chart clearly outlines pricing structures, for both larger established businesses, right through to self employed freelancers, and overseas developers. This is an essential tool if you're unsure what to charge.
Instant Download - $17

This poster sized workflow chart maps out the entire web development process right through from customer enquires to handover, support and maintenance. Very useful if you're unsure of the web development process.
Instant Download - $7

Here's a handy little guide that I put together that lists 50 different ways to find more clients for your freelance web design business. This is a free download.
Instant Download - FREE